August 9-12, 2024
Amherst, MA

Call for Pre-Conference Workshops

Before the RLC 2024 main conference, workshops on a variety of current topics will be held on August 9th, 2024 in Amherst, Massachusetts. We invite researchers interested in chairing a workshop to submit proposals. Workshop organizers have several responsibilities, including coordinating workshop participation and content, publicizing and providing the program in a timely manner, and moderating the program throughout the workshop.

Goal of RLC Workshops

Workshops provide an informal, cutting-edge venue for discussion of works in progress and future directions. Good workshops have helped to crystallize common problems, explicitly contrast competing frameworks, and clarify essential questions for a subfield or application area. Workshops are a structured means of bringing together people with common interests to form communities. Good workshops should include some form of community building. There will be one day of workshop meetings, split into morning and afternoon sessions, with free time between the sessions for individual exchange. Workshops can apply for either half-day (9-noon, 1-4pm) workshops, full-day (9-4) workshops, or either. Please note in your proposal which of these three options you prefer. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Workshop schedules should encourage lively debates, stimulate the production of new ideas, and foster discussion of important issues. To this end, a good workshop proposal should be designed to attract roughly between 1% and 10% of conference attendees. Every group considering submitting a workshop proposal must read the Guidance for RLC Workshop Proposals 2024, which describes the philosophy behind hosting workshops, details the selection criteria and process, describes what is considered a conflict of interest, and includes other frequently asked questions.

Submission Instructions

Proposals should be submitted through an application using the Open-Review System.

Important dates for workshop submissions

The criteria and process by which proposals will be assessed are described in the Guidance for RLC Workshop Proposals 2024. Note that the final submission date for workshop contributions is suggested, and there is a trade-off between the time workshops give authors to submit and the time reviewers have to review them between April 20, 2024, and May 20, 2024. The global author notification deadline of May 20, 2024 will not be extended.

Guidance for RLC Workshop Proposals 2024

Selection Criteria

Assessment Process and Criteria

The workshop chairs will appoint a number of reviewers who will provide written assessments of the proposals against the criteria listed above. Their reports will be considered by the workshop chairs who will jointly decide upon the selected workshops (subject to the notes on COIs listed below). The final decisions will be made by the workshop chairs via consensus and judgment; we will not simply add up scores assigned to the different criteria.

Hard Constraints/Workshop Requirements

Other Guidance and Expectations for Workshop Proposals

Minimum Information Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop Series: We neither encourage nor discourage workshops on topics that have appeared before. Membership in an existing sequence of workshops is irrelevant in the assessment of a workshop proposal (it neither helps nor hinders). Workshop proposals will be evaluated solely on their merits for this year’s conference. Please indicate if your workshop is part of an ongoing series (at other conferences).

Overlapping Proposals: We will not forcibly merge proposals. If multiple strong proposals are submitted on similar topics, we will choose a single proposal to accept. We will then reach out to the organizers of the rejected proposals to ask whether they would like us to share their proposals with the organizers of the accepted workshop. The organizers of the accepted workshop may then optionally initiate a merge.

Workshop Modalities: RLC will host only in-person workshops.